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Every year I take a trip to work on my travel-photography passion. This year, I stepped outside of my comfort zone by photographing Holy Week in La Antigua Guatemala (the town’s official name), Guatemala with National Geographic photographer, Raul Touzon. I wanted to try something different and surround myself with other photographers. The experience was […]

I am going to Borneo.  I decided ealier this week.  It was between Borneo (to climb Mt. Kinabalu) or Kerala (in Southern India) to cycle for 2 weeks.  I’ve been to India, so Borneo won.  Everyone is asking me, “Where is Borneo?”  I didn’t even really know!  (Except that it was beautiful and tropical – […]

Every winter I go somewhere exotic and off-the-beaten-path to work on my travel photography. This year I’ll be in Borneo for a 4-day climb to the highest peak in SE Asia, Mt. Kinabalu. This is the 20th highest peak in the world, but not to worry… I’ve already climbed the 4th highest (Kilimanjaro), so this should be […]