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Holy Week (Semana Santa) in La Antigua Guatemala

Every year I take a trip to work on my travel-photography passion. This year, I stepped outside of my comfort zone by

Facts about Borneo

I am going to Borneo.  I decided ealier this week.  It was between Borneo (to climb Mt. Kinabalu) or Kerala

Travel Photography trip to Borneo!….

Every winter I go somewhere exotic and off-the-beaten-path to work on my travel photography. This year

Photos from Egypt

I have just returned from my Grand Adventure through the middle east. Egypt is a fascinating country with amazing

My current adventure!

Many of you know that I go on an ‘adventure’ every winter – to explore the world and hone my travel

Grace Ormonde Wedding Style Magazine in Africa

“Our world interconnects with people, experiences, references, similarities and differences. What connection,

Africa with Thirst Relief International

Lots of you have been asking (begging really) to see some photos from my recent trip to Tanzania with Grace Ormonde and

Africa has a hold on my heart (again)…

Africa is an amazing place full of contradictions… its beauty, its poverty, its joy, its troubled history. I find

Africa with Grace Ormonde Wedding Style and ThirstRelief

For the next 10 days 14 of my photographer friends and I will be in Tanzania with Grace Ormonde Wedding Style magazine

Hot off the press!

I am thrilled to have a photo published in the new Classic Party Rentals brochure…

Travel = photos!

A new batch of travel photographs are online (from my recent trip to SE Asia). Click HERE to see my new (and a few old)

Photos from SE Asia

Hello from Siem Reap, Cambodia. I am sorry for the delay getting photos posted, but the internet here has not yet

SE Asia

In a few hours I leave for a few weeks in lovely, warm SE Asia! After cycling, trekking, and kyaking from Bangkok to

Where’s Michelle now?

Every winter I am very lucky to travel somewhere wonderful in the world to work on my travel photography. On January

Africa – 2007

Africa has a hold on my heart. I’ve been home for almost 2 weeks and I can’t stop thinking about it. The

The Roof of Africa

On March 15th I was awakened with tea at 11pm. After 4 days of strenuous hiking, my friends and I stumbled out of a

India 2005

I’ve wanted to photograph the Pushkar Camel Fair for several years. This year I finally got the chance! India is