“Our world interconnects with people, experiences, references, similarities and differences. What connection, for instance, could there be between people in a remote village in Africa and the world of couture bridal fashion?” Yanni Tzoumas, Grace Ormonde Wedding Style.

As one of the photographers lucky enough to help photograph the following spread, let me try and answer this question… The entire world is connected – what we choose to do can affect so many. In August, 15 photographers donated their time & talents to photograph a very special collection of wedding gowns in Tanzania, Africa. A portion of the proceeds from the sale of these gowns (each with a touch of blue) will be donated to an amazing organization called Thirst Relief International. They provide resources for communities who lack access clean drinking water. You can see the bio-sand filters in the following images and some of the children they benefit. To find out more about Thirst Relief, please click HERE.

And to read the entire story, please pick up the current issue of Grace Ormonde Wedding Style magazine. It will break your heart and inspire you – I promise.

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  1. Well put Michelle, well put! Can't wait to catch up at WPPI!

  2. Kevin Chin says:

    Just saw the issue at Borders today. Looks awesome Michelle!!!

  3. Congratulations Michelle!

    Inspiring and Stunning!

    You're in GO, baby – YEAH!

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