jordanegyptMany of you know that I go on an ‘adventure’ every winter – to explore the world and hone my travel photography skills. Tomorrow (1/28/10) I will head to the middle east to, “See the mosques of Islamic Cairo, enter the peaceful haven of the Coptic Christian quarter, have dinner with a Nubian family, visit the remote temples of Abu Simbel, sail the Nile in a felucca, take a donkey ride to the Valley of the Kings, visit ACE (Animal Care Egypt), sleep under the stars at the base of the pyramids, dive the Red Sea, explore the ancient city of Petra, sleep Bedouin-style (in rustic goat-hair tents) in Wadi Rum, hike to the summit of Mt. Sinai”, and have fabulous coffee in the Frankfurt airport (I know this from experience :-).

I am so excited to share this trip with you via BLOG and Facebook updates (“friend” me at and via photos when I get back.

  1. Ann Hamilton says:

    Incredible images, Michelle! I've always said you should do a travel book!

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