I am very proud to be one of the photographers that couples can choose for this all-inclusive micro wedding package! Here’s what my good friend, Samar from Blissful Events has to say…

How to Plan an Elopement During COVID

“Let’s start by acknowledging the fact that so many couples had to postpone or outright cancel their wedding due to this pandemic and COVID-19. If you are one of those people who have struggled during this time of Coronavirus, the first thing you have to do allow yourself time to grieve the wedding you had to postpone or cancel. It’s ok to be sad about it. You worked SO hard for that wedding day and spent so much time, energy and let’s face it, money to have the wedding you have always wanted. So, give yourself a break and allow yourself the time to grieve. It’s ok!

Now that you have given yourself some time, let’s make the wedding planning fun again! Who says you can’t still get married in 2020? Who says you can’t have the wedding of your dreams? If anyone is telling you that, they are lying! Let’s think about this for a moment, why is it that your wedding is so exciting? Is it because of the venue? The food? Or even the dress? NO! It’s because you are marrying your best friend! The person you’re in love with, the love of your life! That is what makes your wedding so important and so exciting! Am I right? Or am I right? So now that we have come back to the true reason you want to get married, we can focus on how to get you married, safely and in 2020! Yes, during the pandemic! Yes, during COVID! Yes, it can be done!!

I talk to engaged couples every day who are broken-hearted because they had to postpone or cancel their wedding due to the current circumstances of Coronavirus and COVID-19. To be honest, I hate talking to sad couples! I’m a bit of a mama bear when it comes to my couples and I want to see them happy! I’m a problem solver and I want to fix it all!

So… I decided to get together with a group of insanely talented vendors and venues, and we put together this super stunning elopement wedding package that we are calling “micro wedding”! This is an all-inclusive wedding package that still allows you to have choices. You can pick from our list of venues, photographers, officiants, flowers and so much more. The idea is to give you a perfectly put together, one-stop-shop wedding, while still creating an absolutely luxury wedding and experience for you and up to 10 of your guests. I’ve been a wedding planner since 2007 and luxury weddings are my specialty. Therefore, everything about this elopement and micro wedding package is lux, lush, and done to perfection!

You pick the venues and vendors; we take care of the rest. All you have to do is show up and say “I do” to the love of your life!

To learn more about how this elopement and micro wedding package works, visit us at www.blissfuleventplanning.com.

We cannot wait to start planning with you!”

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