Classical Roman-Styled Wedding // Villa Montalvo // Saratoga, CA

We are terming this wedding as Classical, Roman, sports fan- chic. This couple was so hilarious, so competitive and so in love with each other. They started their relationship long distant after meeting at a NFL game in Florida (where neither of them are from).  They would write endless emails with asking each other top-ten list questions. Their vows had a similar written quality and was a perfect performance between the two of them as they tried to continually “one-up” each other on who loved who the most. Furthermore, they put a bet going among their guests on how long the ceremony would last. The winner got a mug with the couple faces on it!

The sports fan theme was tastefully incorporated into their styling as the name cards were actually credential lanyards, like having VIP passes to a sporting event. Because that is what this couple does, they travel all over the world going to fancy sporting events. They also had family heirloom vases for their centerpieces, and can you believe her dress with a cape! To top it all off, they had an ice cream sandwich station for dessert. Amazing.

{venue} Villa Montalvo
{catering} La Bocca Fina
{planner} Events By Satra
{gown} Jill Stuart
{hair & makeup} Kelly Jones Makeup
{DJ} Los Gatos DJ
{dessert} Cream
{second photographer} Michaela Joy Photography

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