Here is the second part of my favorite photos from Morocco in 2014! To recap from the last blog post of black and white images:  “This hectic, colorful, cumin-scented country was one of the most interesting I’ve ever visited. About halfway into the trip, the ‘theme’ of my photography became clear… I would focus on the […]

Hey everyone! We are preparing a business plan for photography workshops in Mexico!!! One of my teachings will be travel photography. Every year I take a long trip to work on my personal photography. In 2014, it was Morocco. This hectic, colorful, cumin-scented country was one of the most interesting I’ve ever visited. About halfway […]

Every year I take a trip to work on my travel-photography passion. This year, I stepped outside of my comfort zone by photographing Holy Week in La Antigua Guatemala (the town’s official name), Guatemala with National Geographic photographer, Raul Touzon. I wanted to try something different and surround myself with other photographers. The experience was […]


Jan 1


I am going to Borneo.  I decided ealier this week.  It was between Borneo (to climb Mt. Kinabalu) or Kerala (in Southern India) to cycle for 2 weeks.  I’ve been to India, so Borneo won.  Everyone is asking me, “Where is Borneo?”  I didn’t even really know!  (Except that it was beautiful and tropical – […]

Every winter I go somewhere exotic and off-the-beaten-path to work on my travel photography. This year I’ll be in Borneo for a 4-day climb to the highest peak in SE Asia, Mt. Kinabalu. This is the 20th highest peak in the world, but not to worry… I’ve already climbed the 4th highest (Kilimanjaro), so this should be […]

I have just returned from my Grand Adventure through the middle east. Egypt is a fascinating country with amazing sites. Here are a few of my favorite photos (more from Jordan coming soon). (PS – several of these photographs will be for sale on my website soon!)

Many of you know that I go on an ‘adventure’ every winter – to explore the world and hone my travel photography skills. Tomorrow (1/28/10) I will head to the middle east to, “See the mosques of Islamic Cairo, enter the peaceful haven of the Coptic Christian quarter, have dinner with a Nubian family, visit […]

“Our world interconnects with people, experiences, references, similarities and differences. What connection, for instance, could there be between people in a remote village in Africa and the world of couture bridal fashion?” Yanni Tzoumas, Grace Ormonde Wedding Style. As one of the photographers lucky enough to help photograph the following spread, let me try and […]