Photos from Egypt

I have just returned from my Grand Adventure through the middle east. Egypt is a fascinating country with amazing sites. Here are a few of my favorite photos (more from Jordan coming soon). (PS – several of these photographs will be for sale on my website soon!)

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  1. La Tigra says:

    You always have such a great eye for images that capture the spirit of a place and event!
    I personally am in love with the Blue Window and Sphinx ones.
    Let's catch up soon!

  2. diann Van Der Put says:

    My goodness Michelle, these are beautiful photos! You have some really great artwork for you walls! There are several that I would blow up and hang as art if they were my photos! Great job once again…..

  3. Kevin Chin says:

    Loooooove!!! My favorite is #7 which shows how vast the desert is even amongst the pyramids.

  4. Justin Fone says:

    Beautiful work Michelle!

  5. Justin Fone says:

    Beautiful work Michelle!

  6. Justin Fone says:

    Beautiful work Michelle!

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