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So… I just did this awesome podcast… And just found this article and LOVE it! It goes right along with what I was saying… {Reposted from Brides Magazine} ___ When you started planning your wedding, you knew your planner would be a wealth of information, both when it comes to décor and when it comes to […]

I am always honored when venues ask me to create photographs of their beautiful location. Swedenborgian will use these to show prospective clients just how amazing their place is. And it really is!

Wow. I have no other words. (Except, I love my job. A lot.) David and I wanted to thank you for the magnificent photos you took at our wedding.  You seemed to capture every moment — you are amazing.  Your work is truly breathtaking (we usually don’t look as good in all of our photos:). […]

I just got a call from my good friend (and amazing wedding planner), Michelle Martinez from Allure Consulting. She teaches a Certified Wedding Planner course at SF State and asked me to be a guest speaker next month! We’re going to discuss the importance of beautiful imagery in social media. So fun! She also reminded […]

I often get asked my opinion on videography. And as a bride, I love watching my big/tough husband cry all through our ceremony (while I was as cool as a cucumber – and if you know me, you know that NEVER happens!). And while I love wedding videos, I especially love those created by my […]