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A beautiful day for this San Francisco engagement session. These gorgeous woman are so in love and have so much fun together. They are total model material as well, which makes us very excited to see how beautiful they look on their wedding day!!    

What a better way to showcase your love then at your own house while playing golf? We enjoyed learning about these two in the native environment of Los Altos. Fun fact: they attended a wedding we recently photographed, and while on the dance floor, it was a “wait a minute, you are photographing our wedding […]

What a perfect spot for a engagement session. We adore the trees and rural landscape in the Los Altos hills, so close to Palo Alto! These two lovelies are getting married at Domaine Chandon winery and we are sooo excited for their wedding.    

Have we told you how much we ADORE photographing marriage proposals? It’s so special. And always perfectly emotional.  They are, however, a little tricky to keep the “bride in question” unknowing of our presence. This evening we were in a perfect spot and everybody in the restaurant around this couple was in on what was […]

We love getting calls about photographing a proposal for marriage. SO FUN! Sneaking around and pretending we are just photographing the scenery and then, Boom! They put a ring on it! We cry, they cry, everyone cries tears of joy. It’s incredible. This one in particular was a team effort to pull off without being […]