Mountain Winery Estate Wedding // Chalk Hill Estate // Healdsburg, CA

Mountain Winery Estate Wedding with a view at Chalk Hill Estate! This gorgeous wedding was styled by the great A Dream Wedding. Complete with glorious views and a warm atmosphere. Yes, the day was very hot, and the love for these two was bright. From their epic ceremony with their lavishly robed officiant, to the personalized rap song during dinner by the bride’s sisters, we could feel the love. They had their first look at the adorable chapel. And as always, Chalk Hill is divine in every direction.
To top it off, they played something they called the “head game”. What is that you might ask? What we witnessed was the groom was blindfolded and his best man chose four ladies to stand next to his bride in a line. The groom is then only allowed to touch the top of their heads with one hand (think cantaloupe squeezing at the market) and then he has to choose which is his new wife. No pressure! Apparently they played this game all the time in college. But this time, her sister was thrown in, and he was confused. Her sister could almost be the bride’s twin. It was hilarious. And thank goodness he chose correctly! It was super fun to watch, however, we wouldn’t recommend it for newlyweds.

Um, and how gorgeous is her gown?

{planner} A Dream Wedding
{venue|catering} Chalk Hill Estate
{floral} Aimee Lomeli Designs
{desserts} Patisserie Angelica
{gown} Ines DiSanto
{hair & makeup} It’s a Date in the Powder Room 
{band} Hip Service
{rentals} Encore Event Rentals
{video} Daydreamer Cinema 
{second photographer} Michaela Joy Photography

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