Rainy Day Wedding // Domaine Chandon // Yountville, CA

This rainy day wedding was so adorable even though there was an epic storm and we had to  move everything indoors. The burgundy red colors that complimented the simple succulent florals and completed the elegant design. The couple’s family & friends had such a wonderful time and the love was so strong, that no one even realized it was a rainy day wedding.

Check out their Engagement Session as well (so you can experience her amazing Missoni dress!). And her wedding dress was almost as amazing as her rainy day wedding.  The bride’s mother styled the air-plants as the bouquets and designed the minimalist floral on the tables as well.

Taken from Wedding Spot

Nestled in the beautiful wine country of Sonoma on Broadway, the Domaine Chandon presents brides and grooms a sensual and scenic setting to host a magical wedding and reception. Located east of Napa near the Sonoma State Park, this venue features a historic winery as the perfect setting to tie the knot in Northern California. Surrounded by sweeping lawns and majestic oak trees, the Domaine Chandon provides a natural beauty that is perfect for captivating wedding day photos. Imagine saying ‘I do’ as the sun slowly sets across scenic vineyards with all your loved ones looking on. Equipped with a comfortable indoor dining space, this venue makes it simple to accommodate all of your family and friends on your special day. Designed with exposed wood beams and neutral colors, this venue truly celebrates the beauty of nature. No matter if you are planning an elegant or casual celebration, the Domaine Chandon ensures a wedding day to remember for a lifetime.

{venue} Domain Chandon // Etoile
{planner} A Dream Wedding
{catering} Elaine Bell
{rentals} Encore
{linens} La Tavola
{music} Wine Country Entertainment
{DJ} Dennis Anderson
{lighting} The Lux Productions

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