Jumpsuit Wedding // City Hall // San Francisco, CA

How amazing is it when one of your closest photographer friends ties the knot at City Hall and ask you to photograph them?! Native San Franciscans Chloe and Mike, have known each other since preschool. Yes, that’s right, preschool. It has been a long time coming and they finally put on ring on their wonderful relationship. They had their dream destination wedding in Mexico the week before and then officially signed their license and celebrated here in San Francisco. The two week celebration continued and Nancy Lui Chin Floral  made a gorgeous bouquet, and Pretty Please Bakeshop created a very pretty cake with cupcakes to match (which were also very delicious). The biggest shout-out is awarded to Tamara J Events, who was the master organizer of all the various parties and locations. With Chloe’s vision she finalized and executed everything beautifully, smoothly and on time!  We just loved this gorgeous bride’s outfit choice with the strapless jumpsuit, and turquoise heels for the color pop and sparkle and shine that is our pal Chloe. Oh, and Mike looked great too!! What a great wedding to be a part of.  We love you both!!

{planner} Tamara J Events
{ceremony} San Francisco City Hall
{reception} Spark Social
{bouquet} Nancy Lui Chin Floral Design
{cake} Pretty Please Bakeshop
{jumpsuit} Rent the Runway


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  1. Marian nuitrago

    March 22nd, 2017 at 6:19 PM

    Absolutely beautiful pictures! Great job Michelle!

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